About us

About us



Three quarters of a thousand of models with unique features.


Over three hundred of attractive colour-coating variants. And more are coming soon!


A wide range of product distribution all over the world.

years of experience

Ten great years of thorough work with customer-oriented approach and cutting-edge technological advance.

Our advance over the years

Pro level of production, amazing hydrodynamic properties, bright attractive colouring & fantastic design achievements
  • May 2017 Renegade lipless crankbaits wholesale launch

    Introducing a whole-new bunch of series of lipless crankbaits which includes Cobia, PugDog, ScarFace, SuckingFish, IceShark, Сrookback and CraggyBay. More original colors and shapes. More fishing ideas for fishermen. More business opportunities for our clients.
  • November 2016 More Renegade lures

    A substantial addition to the Renegade family, including such series as Attacker, Canoe, Cuspid, Cutter, Dissembler, Pirate Submarine, Raindrop, Rebell Yell, Seducer, Shank, Sharper, Silent Catcher, Stumpnose, Trickster, Ugly Beast, Viper, etc.
  • January 2016 Kaiju Series launch

    The all-new designs, shapes and colors lures launched. Poppers, sinking, floating, suspend and spinning lures under the brand name of Kaiju rapidly gain popularity in various markets.
  • December 2015 New troll fishing collection

    Seven models of deep diving lures for troll fishing introduced and successfully distributed.
  • November 2015New Head-Quarters in Hong Kong

    Establishing a new legal entity OPUS Fishing Company and opening a new office in Hong Kong as a result of strategic alliance.
  • Spring 2011All-new product line up

    Introduction of a wide range of lures with totally new colours and shapes (including such bestsellers as Baby Chub, Wild Hillman, Stranger, Scout, Crazy Scooter, etc.) resulting in great Renegade Lures outburst in international markets.
  • December 2010Starting work with multiple international distributors

    Successful moving into global market affected the expansion of our product distribution greatly and brought immense popularity to Renegade Lures overseas.
  • October 2007Company foundation

    Mr. Nishiro Kimura and his two business partners started Renegade Co. in suburban Osaka.