In this section we publish news updates about our new products or relevant events in respect of our company, manufacturing advertising campaigns, etc.

Kaiju lures at EFFTEX 2017

Kaiju lures were exhibited at EFFTEX 2017 in Budapest, Hungary

July 2017

Our Kaiju series lures were exhibited at EFFTEX fishing tackle show in Budapest, Hungary. The show started on 29th June and finished on 1st July. We were happy to introduce our new models and colors of lures to our customers this time. Kaiju Kiba series, for example, attracted lots of attention from exhibition visitors.
We can state that our Kaiju lures were the most unusual and, for some clients, jaw-dropping products of the class.

Kaiju and Renegade Lures at iCast 2016

13th - 15th July, Orlando, Florida, USA

July 2016

It took only a few months after their launch for the newly introduced Kaiju Series' lures to be successfully presented at iCast Fishing Tackle Show in Orlando, FL (USA). The classical Renegade hard baits have also been shown. Our regional partner (Quick Stream LLC) was able to make an amazing presentation of our products. Our team expresses deepest gratitude to this company and wishes all the best for their efforts to promote Kaiju and Renegade lures in American market.
'One of the kind!' 'A masterpiece!' These words were the most common reaction of attendees to Renegade and Kaiju lures.

Kaiju Series launched

All new design and colors

February 2016

We are proud to officially announce the launch of our new product series: Kaiju. These are all-new design lures intended for all kinds of fishing. Their colors and shapes have been careful selected and tested. We watched the behavior of underwater creatures and took our inspiration from their look, movements and habits. After a long and hard work we gladly introduce the result of our team’s efforts.
We've been looking forward to this moment, and here it has come! Meet the all new Kaiju Series of lures!

Renegade new troll fishing lures

A really reliable line-up of seven deep divers

January 2015

Our recent research showed an immense increase of troll fishing. As always, we do our best to meed the need. And this month we introduce a broad range of trolling lures (both floating and sinking) designated specially for this type of fishing. Abyss Explorer, Bottom Danger, Deep Hunter, Deep Troll (available in 120 mm and 140 mm options), Retriever, Torpedo and Trollmaster are the names of the new deep diving lures. All of them have a custom designed shape of lip and body. With advanced technologies applied, Owner hooks and durable coating, these new lures will create a whole new kind of fishing experience!

These are not just seven troll fishing lures. We believe they will create a totally new fishing experience!

New head-quarters in Hong Kong

New opportunities in the global market

November 2015

OPUS Company hereby announces the successful closing of the deal to reorganize the company. As a result of the strategic partnership with the Chinese party, a new international entity named OPUS Fishing Company is established. From now, the Company’ head-quarters will be stationed in Hong Kong. Opening of the new office will let us optimize expenses and increase operational management efficiency in South East Asia. Rest assured, this reorganization is not going to affect the location and the process of manufacturing. The Japanese production facilities, as well as Chinese manufacturing assets, will continue working at their full capacity. There will be no production relocation. We believe that the introduced changes will give a significant boost to the development of the Company and will allow us to operate more actively in the global market. The product range enlargement with careful consideration of peculiarities of each region of the Company’s presence will also contribute to intended results.

Opening of the new office will let us optimize expenses and increase operational management efficiency in South East Asia

Intensity of lures searched in our catalogue (2017, QQ 2&3)

  • Lightweight minnows80%
  • Cranks20%
  • Troll fishing lures62%
  • Topwater lures38%